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Region destabilizing

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I want to clear all side activities in a region before doing the main missions and moving on to the next area. I've discovered all locations, collected every skill point and weapons as well as doing all missions in the first region and it still says the security destabilization is at 27%.


I was wondering how you 100% that?


Does it accumulate with the other regions that have the security theme?

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it refers to the Stabilisation of the branch of the cartel the region belongs to.


For example: the first region belongs to the Security of the Cartel. This branch gets destabilized by 27% by freeing the starting region. There are other regions with other buchons that belong to the security branch as well. 100% destabilized means, the branch of the cartel collapsed.


The branches are Security, Influence, Smuggling and Production. And you need to kill 2 branches to be able to kill the boss of the bosses


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