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This is the only trophy I'm missing, and I'm getting a little frustrated, as I can't figure out which quest I must be missing.


I've started a new game and have finished all the quests up to the second floor, hoping it would pop along the way, but nothing yet.


In my first game, I saved right before the end, so went back to it, thinking maybe I missed Hotel for Adventurers 4 or something, but no. So I went through my list of completed quests and compared it to the guide here, and it looks like I've done them all...


Does anyone have any idea what I might be missing?

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The quest Night Champions seems bugged. I've tried finishing the game 6 times now. Loading previous saves, starting new games, deleting and reinstalling the game onto my PS4, I just can't get that quest to appear. I have done every other quest in a single play-through but that one simply won't appear. Not sure what the deal is with it but I hope an update comes soon.

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