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5,000+ dmg on Chaos?

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Hey, I was having problems with this too. There are 2 ways to do it.


The method in most trophy guides suggest Veil Off > ➡⬇↘C > A+B+C+D (IW EXS) But you won't get 5000+ even with Vorpal. From Options you have to specifically set Grid Guage to "Self Vorpal" then do the combo. 


2nd method and how I got it without knowing about the "Self Vorpal" glitch beforehand. 


Wait till you have Vorpal available for 10% dmg boost, then in midscreen do

➡C  cancel to IW ⬅↙⬇↘➡D

Do the IW immediately after the ➡C but before it hits the enemy. That will prevent your IW from getting damage scaled and you'll get bonus dmg. Total will be 5001 dmg, JUST enough to get the trophy. 


Hope this helps. 

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