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Rule Breaker bugged? What am I doing wrong?

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"Defeated 100 playable opponents with melee attacks. *inc. Multiplayer." This is the description for the trophy.


The place I chose to farm for this Trophy was, "For Perfection." On, "Episode 5." 


Your opponent is Homura on the "Bon Appetit." Stage. 


My selected character is Asuka, because I figured her dual knives attack was quick enough to get the job done. 


Homura is a named, playable character. 


I have done this stage over 110 times now, defeating Homura with Melee each time. The Trophy has still not popped me for. Am I doing something wrong? 


Not that it should matter, but a lot of my defeats towards the middle of the grinding started being in-air melee attacks, because they were easier to hit with, since Asuka floats forward toward a grounded Homura and aims downward. 


I really feel like this Trophy should have popped for me by now. Can you not use in-air melee? Does it only count opponents on a stage once? Has anyone grinded out this achievement on the same girl on the same stage and had it work for them? 


Edit: I got it on the Hikage stage. I think this Trophy might not count in-air melee. So if you're going for it, I guess stay on the ground. 

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