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Many game titles have no region indicator

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Here is another issue I and many find with the game titles. Games that "stack" for different regions, there is no indication or difference between each.


Take this for example:


How is anyone supposed to know which is the EU version and which is the US version?

You can't.

Let's fix that.


Here's just a sample of this issue I found just in the "S" games:



Here's how a multi-region list game should look:



Note that if something stacks, do not be "xenophobic" and not put a region for some as if that region is the "main region". For instance, if a game has a EU and US stack, be sure to put BOTH indicators, not just one. This is an international site and it needs to be accurate for all audiences, not just one region.


If you need help finding out which version is which region, then I can help you. I'll even go through it all for you. But if you don't want my help, then just go to the Leaderboards and look at the majority country flags to get an idea what region the game is.

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