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Many Japanese/Chinese/Korean game titles have no translation in the title

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Finally, here is the third issue with how this site writes titles.


I understand when a game is added, especially many Japanese titles, you are getting the raw title from PSN.

However, that game is then lost in the void after it's added.


Here's the kind of stuff you see right now. Most users, except one portion, won't be able to know what these are when they see them on trophy lists or the main game list:



So the solution?

Put the English title in, then in paranthesis the original (in this case) Japanese title.

Like so:



Or flipped:



Put the official English translation of these Asian character text titles.

And for accuracy, you can put both the translation then the official Asian character text in paranthesis.


There is even an all-Russian title. The Adventures of Tintin (RU):



PLEASE NOTE!!! If a game is ONLY Japanese and that's the only list, do not put (JP) at the end.

Only use (region) for titles that STACK between regions. If you go ahead and put (JP) in there, people will assume there is an EU stack for example, because it's the same thing that different region games will show.

People will know it's a Japanese title because you put the Japanese character text in.


Please refer to PS3Trophies.org database for "correct" translations:



Like always, if you need help implementing correct titles, then feel free to ask me. Somehow I think you won't ask though, so I give you the most advice i can.

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I can't agree more!

Non-Latin titles cannot be even searched, wihch makes things harder.


For example:




It could be much better if they have titles such as "Persona 4 Golden (JP)" and "Persona 4 Golden (Asia)"

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