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So i picked this up on sale and have to say that the Load times are pretty ridiculous..

what cracks me up is that it Loads just to get you to the Loading screen before each level...so yeh, it's pretty annoying how much time is spent waiting..

The controls are fairly clunky and the game is very glitchy... for instance:

-I died on Level 3 and it spawned me back into Level 2 where i was stuck because the gates were closed to Level 3 and respawning kept placing me in Level 2...So i had to quit the game ("Loading....") to get to the main menu to open the map then ("Loading....") to get to the Loading Screen...then wait in the Loading screen while the level reloads...

- Also in Level 3 you have a few options of distracting some guards...i had done 1 of them...and while i was running around i accidentally did another distraction somehow which ended up putting me on a cutscene that was a view of the empty area and left me there where i couldn't do anything except reset (Load/Load/Load)...

- Again in Level 3 after the distraction, i went to a well and my character got stuck on an infinite loop automation of turning the crank..i couldn't respawn so i had to quit out (Load/Load/Load)


If you can get past that, it's really not too bad of a game...it's silly at times and the puzzles aren't too difficult to do...


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