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Ground Zeroes Trials [Unlocked Trophy PS3]

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I have been replaying this on PS3 recently for fun and a creative mess about:

So because I am playing TPP on PS3 I had port loaded the data from GZs to TPP a few times [Currently at 94% with 4 trophies from Platinum PS3 TPP] I had shock horror as I realized I hadnt got the GZs Unlocked Trophy on PS3 version: NOTE : I have S Rank on every GZs Mission on Normal mode and A rank on all on Hard mode


The thing is I cant for the life of me remember how to Unlock all Trials: I have tried and retried the following from PSN Profiles Trophy Guides


To get the *Unlocked Trophy* Basically you will need to play each mission on hard twice and play each mission on normal and marked every single enemy to unlock all trials and the trophy.


Problem is I have done this: But when I go to my Trial records / Play Records [Saved Data upto date] the trials are listed but NONE have any time recorded for some reason?

So before I keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results; what is the known "method" to quickly and successfully unlock all Trials?

I already did the play each mission twice on Normal and Hard etc:


PS: Does anyone have a Combined list of the GZ Trials so I can cross reference them?

Also; even though I have the trophy Information [collect all cassette Tapes] Records show Cassette Tapes 18/19:


Anyhooo, thanks for reading: I thought I had this Trophy a long time ago but that was PS4:


Thanks in advance: 

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