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Mission 6 Glitch? *fixed*


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I'm lost right now.

Mission 6 "Operation Paradise Island", has primary objective to rescue 4 of 6 engineers. One area is a Bus, or hive that needs to be destroyed before being able to rescue anyone. 

I've seen videos on the mission, and they all appear to have weapons spawn all over, yet, when I play... NO weapons appear ANYWHERE on the map. So, how do I destroy these things without weapons? 

Tried to look up glitches and what not, but there is NO info on this at all. All guides I read are .. "pick up weapon", "destroy hive". Impossible to continue on when this stupid glitched game is messed up and doesn't spawn weapons. Or, is there something I'm missing? 

Anyone else come across this and figure something out? .... or did everyone just throw their PS3 out the window and give up?




Figured it out. Thank you to all those random guides out there that forgot to include the fact that you need to buy the weapon upgrades before starting the mission. I appreciate the lack of info. =o|

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