Defensive play art no longer shows blitzing...?

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Normally when playing on defense, if controlling a player who will be blitzing, the "R2 Jump Snap" prompt appears over their head while waiting for the snap. Yesterday, I noticed that prompt stopped appearing for me. In addition, I also noticed that when I brought up my defensive play art, players who were supposed to be blitzing now had red blocking symbols instead of blitzing arrows. The color and length of the lines were the same, but they ended with a blocking symbol instead of a blitzing arrow. It's not a big deal, but I've found it a minor inconvenience when trying to switch players quickly to someone who is blitzing because the "Jump Snap" prompt was a giveaway that they were blitzing, and now I have to manually double check. Has anyone else had this happen or have any suggestions for potential fixes? Also, the problem continued even after turning off the PS4 and logging back into the game at a later time. Thanks for any help!


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