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Hello everyone,


I have the game for some months and finally decided to play it. The truth is that I am enjoying it very much.

The academy management could be a tad more complex, but in general it is fun and easy.

Battles can be demanding if you do not have level-up team so the game is really fair.


To be honest, this game should have more attention. There are plenty worse games that have many more players and community.


Probably I will finish the game today or tomorrow, but I wanted to ask something on the endings.


Do I have to make a backup before each final mission, or the game returns you to before performing the final mission when you complete it?

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Ok got the platinum.


So some clarifications:

For the 1st ending you need a low amount of affiliated missions , an amount lower than 10 to be safe.

For the 2nd ending you need around 20 affiliated missions in total.

For the final ending you need all of them.


You can play all endings under that same save file as when you complete the game, it warps you back before the final mission.


For Mother Drake, make sure to finish the quest before getting your 1st ending.


Final note, no Errand missions are needed, but make sure to finish ALL side missions since some affiliated missions do not show up until you complete an irrelevant side missions.


It was a good game overall!


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