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Geralt: The Professional Trophy

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This trophy seems to be glitched for me. I've completed all 26 contracts but it doesn't want to pop. I've even done the 2 free DLC contracts. 


The ones that are showing up complete are:




Missing Miners,

Skellige's Most Wanted,

In The Heart of The Woods,

Muire D'yaeblen,

Strange Beast,

Here Comes The Groom,

Missing Son,

Phantom of Eldberg



Doors Slamming Shut

Deadly Delights

The Creature From Oxenfurt Forest

The White Lady

The Oxenfurt Drunk,

The Apiarian Phantom,

Lord of The Wood

An Elusive Thief


White Orchard:

Devil By The Well.



Mysterious Tracks,

Missing Brother,

The Merry Widow,

Jenny o' the Woods,

Phantom of the Trade Route,

The mystery of the byways murders,

The Griffin in the Highlands,

Woodland Beast,


Patrol Gone Missing.

Swamp Thing.


Have I missed any? I've checked around other forums and I can't seem to see which I've missed. I've also tried reloading before handing the last one in and restarting the console.


Any help would be appreciated.


Edit:  Never mind this just popped when I went to a shop in Novigrad. 

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