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I tried this trophy as Knuckles, and used Super Knuckles to get through easier and I'm 99.9% sure I didn't get hit or get any damage animations (losing a shield etc). However on completion of the level the trophy didn't pop.


I attempted the trophy again; this time using Tails, using the same method, and got the trophy. The difference was that on this run I didn't enter any special stages, whereas I had entered a couple of the blue sphere stages on my Knuckles run. Just wanted to let it be known that the special stages may affect this trophy so if anyone is going for it and it doesn't pop then this could be why.

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I managed to get this trophy last night with Sonic and Tails after many attempts. It's much easier if you pick up the electric shield as you can use the electric charge barrier like an elevator. It also protects you on the second phase of the boss fight.


One thing that you need to be weary of is that you can't get the trophy if you restart the zone. You have to go back to the main menu and try again from there. It also doesn't matter if your companion gets hurt.


The easiest way is using Super Sonic, but I felt like a challenge.


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