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Any tips/tricks for new beginners sorcerer class?

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Conservative Casting is a must, once you have that upgraded, you do not have any need whatsoever for mana potions...(keep armor to robes)

Also, i find that Mark of Flame is wonderful for staggering mobs and large enemies...and it will naturally progress into Meteor which will OS most mobs..

I would also recommend getting your minion as early as possible and upgrading him, since he will allow enemies to focus on him (and later on, when he attacks, he siphons life from the enemies to you)

The healing ability is useful as well, but mostly when out of combat due to time it takes to cast and cool down (having your minion upgraded is much better since he can refill your health multiple times while in battle)

Chakram Mastery as well...i use those as my main weapons, and either staff or daggers as my secondary...

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I'd agree largely with the above, I have a similar "Build" with Chakrams being my main weapon. They're great at Crowd Control. Some points spec'd into Might for Shield + Health isn't a bad idea and there is a Shield Spell in the Sorcery Skill Tree which is really effective. My Primary is Chakram's with a Bow as my backup (once you get the Barb Skill this adds bleed damage to all your arrows meaning enemies take more damage + envenomed weapons means they do less damage to you) 

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