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AHP exploit


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I don't know if it's mentioned before, but there's an exploit for getting almost everything in the shop without needing to farm much for points (tested on ps4 version):


1)get at least 100-150 AHP depending on the price of the items you need. You can get AHP from boulders by using pickaxes, there's a chance you'll get 3 AHP from the boulder.

2)Back up your saves to the cloud or a USP storage device.

3)buy your desired item and save your game.

4)quit the game.

5) Download the "AHP data" ONLY from your backed up saves.

6)when you start the game again you'll find that your AHPs are unspent but you still have the item you bought from the shop. repeat steps 3-6 to buy more items. 


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