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Watch out when changing settlements

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I was wandering around trying to reach new landscapes and I was really far from my clan. My group consisted of the 3 males and 2 children.

When I reached a nice landscape I tried creating a new settlement for a change, but I didn't know that by doing that I would completely miss the pointer to the previous settlement.


I walked around a whole lot more, trying to find where the clan was, to no success. I think that when you start after evolving, the current settlement can be something new for you, and while it's your current settlement there's no way to discover the landscape marker. So when I changed settlements the previous one became a ? landscape along with the hundreds of ? markings I still had.


After a while I gave up looking, went up a new generation and everyone else died, costing me lots of years. Thank god I knew how to defend myself by then, so it was not hard rescuing 2 or 3 so I could begin the whole 6 births cycle again.


I lost the whole clan but at least something good came of it, I expanded about 30 neurons during this whole back and forth looking for the clan and finding new landscapes.


TL/DR remember the landscape name of your settement, or at least the ones close to it and mark them.

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