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56 minutes ago, Yelsew82 said:

Any tips on this one? I'm not entirely sure what I need to do in the first place on it. They don't seem really kill each other and I ran around them forever it felt like.



Saw this online, hope it helps. I dont remember the trophy myself when I got the platinum.


"Weatherhead drones are the little grey hovering robots found in the last two missions.
Much like the pie throwing clowns in the first two missions, if you're far enough away from them they do a long range attack. The Weatherhead drones will charge towards you. You have to kill two enemies with this to get the achievement.
I found it best to do this while fighting within the green walls, that way the enemies are huddled together.
Damage a few enemies, then just run back and forth away from the drones until they charge at you, press Y to counter it, and it should spin around and hopefully kill two enemies.
I got this without pressing Y, I just let it charge towards me and I jumped over it, it hit a few enemies and exploded."

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