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Fast Ability Points Farming Method (End Game)


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This is to get the AP points required to master all your classes (especially the monster one).  It will net you about 1000 per battle, which has 3-4 Zotzits and only two monster enemies.  Set everything to lowest difficulty, especially enemy scaling.


1. Save the game.

2. Go to Ancient Path > The Gauntlet patrol

3. If you see 3 or 4 Zotzits on the map, then you're good.

4. If you don't see Zotzits, back out to main manu, and click Contiue.

5. Go to Crossroads, use your Sorcerer to instantly take out all enemies (Lay Waste > Void) and complete the battle.

6. Go back to step #1.


Basically 'The Gauntlet' has a rotation of different enemies, and if you don't get Zotzits, you need to complete another Patrol (sometimes a few times in a row), in order to get Zotzits again.

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