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iphone storage full even after deleting photos

Tomoko Kuroki

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Can someone explain why my iphone is saying "This iPhone is storing 5.42 GB of photos and videos. You currently have 5.37 GB of iCloud storage available"
Yet I just deleted every video and photo, and its still saying this.


Reason being, when I plug my phone to my computer, it's only showing 1/4 of the photos I actually have, so I wanted to try with iCloud but it's failing me.

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Deleted images/videos aren't removed immediately, they are backed up to your Recently Deleted album for 30 days before being purged. Open your photos app, find the album called Recently Deleted and delete everything again. Boom, space recovered.


A word of caution, if your phone is connected to some other storage device (iCloud, iPad, etc), this method will delete the copies of the photos/videos from there as well. So either disconnect completely or back it all up elsewhere.

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