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Trophy problem

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i see the ps5 version listed the same trophy list as ps4 after my profile updated but on my ps5 console i have a totally different trophy list. Now the game has trophies for completing mx2 and mx championship in career mode


Trophies don't unlock correctly.

I just did a time trial lap and got the trophy "lifelong companions" for completing a championship in career mode without changing teams and also got the trophy "assessing the competition" for doing a grand prix on a custom track created by another player

These trophies both unlocked in time trial mode


However i did not unlock the trophy "time to fly" when i signed my first sponsor contract



i just unlocked the trophy "most sought after" for completing the mx2 championship in career mode after i did a simple Grand Prix on full weekend settings

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Added more trophy problems
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My previous post about can be ignored

looks like the trophies on ps5 console are labeled wrong


when i got the "creative" trophy for validating 5waypoints, that should've been the one for driving 100km instead, the way it's labeled here on the site. I checked the timestamps. 
I never got a trophy for doing a race in the rain cause that's no longer listed on the trophy list on ps5 console but the trophy did unlock here on the list posted on the site



topic can be closed

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