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Anyone playing this game on PS5?


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So I'm late to getting around to this one and have moved on to the PS5. Been thinking of getting this game now but some posts on the game's subreddit have given me pause. Notably, apparently there are latency issues and inputs have noticeable delays to them, with a poster recommending people only play on PS4. 


I've read of some issues with backwards compatibility of the PS5 with PS4 games, is this game one of them? Would I be better off waiting for the next game (really don't care to dust off my PS4 again).  


If anyone's played this on PS5, I'd appreciate knowing how the experience was. Thanks. 

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I have zero issues at all playing on the ps5.  I have a decent eye for the smaller things, and it's been smooth.  I had read what you were eluding too briefly, and hesitated and said screw it after a while and bought it bc i enjoyed the previous two.  It remind me of the old school griffey baseball in a way.

With that said I'm not playing online or really plan too.  I'll sneak into a game here in the future, but online multiplayer baseball-vs another, isn't exactly the easiest sport to play nor is it probably lag free considering.  We'll see. 

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