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Who needs the sea? - Info/help thread for those in need.


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*Yes, I am aware there is a "Who needs the sea?" post, but it is a little messy, (also feel there has been an update since the last post there), hoping for clearer easier guide here - however merge threads if must.


I will below put what worked for me, at the time the trophy popped - if anyone had anything different had post as needed.


-- EU version (I am in Australia), digital, version upto-date as of date of this post.

-- I only have the one save file, everything I have trophy-wise to date of this post was done on the same save. (Edit to add this, maybe helpful to know did not switch saves to get this one)

-- Home island is game generated, not custom, although my save does include custom islands.

-- Plants:





Failed attempt:

Firstly I tried this on my home island, with no result, I did not pant all at once, I planted Yucca very early on, later Potatos, Quwawa, Kuru and Ajuga. A little time after this (in game time enough for previous to be full grown) I planted remaining three plants in attempt to get trophy, with no result at all.

This run of plants on the home Island were all planted in metal planters - considering there is some debate as to if this matters, and my next attempt was not in metal planters.


Successful attempt:

1/ Collected one of each plant (multiple sources, had been collecting while exploring) from storage on home island - with note that the Potatos, Quwawa, and Kuru were all picked from planters (see failed attempt).

2/ Sailed to nearby island, island was custom, (actually used to get Potatos, Quwawa, and Kuru for home island planting).

3/ Built eight plank planters, in a 4 x 2 layout.

4/ Planted all plants one after the other, order was random, DID NOT water planters at all.

5/ Trophy almost immediately after last plant planted.


Hope this helps.

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