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The Lidless Eye Glitch Workaround

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As far as I know this can only work for hard copy unless you can avoid downloading the patch on the digital version.


So through all 3 of my playthroughs, the third scroll you encounter glitched on me (wasn't added to the quest progress). If anyone else is having this problem, I would advise you to delete the patch after collecting the 2nd scroll you encounter, this triggered the third scroll to count towards my progression for some reason. I played up until the start of Chapter 6 (Urgost's Lair) and redownloaded it from there to collect the final 2 scrolls. This allowed the quest to be complete successfully. I hope this helps others because it cost me a 4th playthrough of this glitchy mess.


Quick intructions:


1. Play the patched game up until the Ettenmoors and collect the 2nd scroll. 

2. Delete the patch

3. Proceed collecting the glitched 3rd scroll along with the 4th and 5th.

4. Reach the start of Chapter 6 (Urgost's Lair) 

5. Redownload the Patch 

6. Collect the final 2 scrolls and complete the quest


On a side note: since deleting the patch is also a way to get passed the mirkwood glitch as stated in previous threads, im wondering if its best to just play the entire game without the patch but even worse things could potentially happen so i would only advise deleting it for this trophy. 

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