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I discovered a really easy method that works on Invisible and should work on all other modes as well for the big group fight before the last boss. You'll need to purchase all the knife skills before attempting this and a smoke bomb. First kill all the other enemies so only the Dhurlga is left. Use a smoke bomb and go behind him, no need to crouch, and press R for Stealth kill. When it falls, hold R button to keep knifing his core. When it gets up, start tapping R instead so you can go for another stealth kill and knock it over. Then just keep holding R and the core will just pop before you know it! No need to waste any other bottles or ammo on the Dhurlga so you can easily cheese the last boss.


You can also use this method for no tentacles destroyed for Episode 3 medal. Play on Casual and throw a smoke bomb, then use a stealth attack. Don't do anything and wait for it to get up and if you are fast enough you can go for another kill without needing to use another bottle. On Casual two Stealth kills will make Dhurlga retreat without destroying any tentacles. For the second fight, quickly kill the Revenant and blob thrower, then use smoke bottle and just get the hell out, since any more attacks might risk destroying his tentacle.


For Episode 2 Barry medal for follow-up attacks, you can easily get it with decoy bottles. First max out Claire/Barry follow up attack skill and maybe the sub-weapon skill, just in case, cuz mine was maxed when I attempted this. Play on Casual, then shoot the Revenant's weakpoint to expose it and throw a decoy bottle. Once it falls, press R twice to kill it. Take note that some Revenants will die with only 1 attack while others will just get up again. Ignore the Revenants that can't be killed with 2 follow-up attacks and just kill them normally.


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