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First Impressions: Almost Unbearable


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Grabbed this while it was on sale as I’ve always been curious if it’s as bad as the 1 star rating suggests. Answer is: absolutely.

Snap turning which does not register half the time, cars which struggle to turn half an inch, enemies with aim-bot like accuracy, spawns which place you within breathing distance of enemies and 2 huge empty maps for you to waddle through before being machine gun sprayed into a red mist.


Unless you tempted by the easy low percentage trophies I suggest staying well away from this game. Besides, the developers Sinn Studios certainly learned from this game and have made far better ones worth your time ?

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You are absolutely right. The enemy spawns are rediculous and the maps are too big. You are looking for enemies and by the time you spot one, they kill you instantly. Best way to rack up the kills is to play the dessert map, pick a spot on one of the hills surrounding the area and snipe/shoot enemies from there. I managed to get 30-50 kills per match this way and get 350-800 money. I Just finished the game and did get the 0.00% gold trophy (which Just became a 0.85%)  for sitting through 4 hours of this bad game :) and being the first to ever do this on the EU version of this game should make me feel proud, but im not 

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