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Tips and Hints on how to play the game :)

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So Where The Water Tastes Like Wine doesn't really explain itself very well when it comes to gameplay, and you may be left a little confused by how the game mechanics work.

I thought i'd list a few hints and tips that the game doesn't really explain  :)


1. It is possible to die in this game. When you hit the triangle button, you'll be at your menu where you'll be managing things like your stories and map. The image on the first page on the right hand side is your skeleton avatar. You'll notice there's a dollar, heart and Zzz icons. If your heart empties and then you get hurt by something you'll die. If you're Zzz's empty and then you keep walking or a story takes away another Zzz portion, you die. Death is not the end however.


2. Dying isn't a big deal. You'll be with the Wolf again, and he'll ask you for stories. He doesn't have a meter to fill, so give him any tale you like.


3. The purpose of your journey is to collect stories and then tell them to the main 16 characters in the game and finish their stories.

Collect plenty of stories, which will be the little closed eyes on your map. If you see an open eye on the overworld, grab it to 'upgrade' one of your collected stories. Stories can be upgraded twice get the most out of it.


4. Each story has a position on a tarot card, and you can tell what tarot you'll get by options you pick when listening to stories. Make sure to collect a nice variety rather than getting loads of stories for the one tarot position.


5. Now for the main 16 characters. When you meet one of them, they'll ask you for different types of stories. Happy, Sad, Exciting, Funny, Scary etc. This is where things can get a little confusing as sometimes, the stories you hold aren't exactly obvious as to whether it's an exciting or scary story, or if it's a funny or hopeful story. There's a post on the Steam forums for the game which can help, if you'd rather not have to work them out by yourself.

When you tell them a story in a tarot category, you can't use that tarot category again until you meet them at a different campfire.

Any story that you tell them CANNOT be used for that character again, and the game will NOT keep track for you. Doodle down which stories you told to whom to give yourself more chances at telling them new stories.

The objective is to get the eye at the top of the screen to fully open, when it is, stop telling stories. You can simply leave the campfire and they'll move on to the next chapter of their story.


6. The vignette trophies, are tied to the random stories you find out on the map. It seems as though you have to collect a certain amount before the trophy related ones will even appear. So just keep collecting  :)


7. For anyone who isn't American, or just isn't sure of what cities are in each state, you might find it a little irritating teleporting around the map. After you've finished one of the 16's stories, you get an item in your inventory. The item is used to teleport to that characters state of origin. Unfortunately, the teleporters list the cities and not the states that are shown on the map  >.<

So here's a list of the characters items, and where they teleport:


Dupree - Bone Dice - Florida (Miami)

Althea - Glowing Blue Flame - Tennessee

Franklin - Pocket Watch - Ohio

Shaw - Feather - Alabama

Quinn - Bandana - Massachusetts

Jimmy - Acorn - Florida (Jacksonville)

Cassady - Dried Flower - Illinois

Ray - Flute (Horse Rib) - Colorado

Mason - Shell Casing - Washington DC

Rose - Skull Pendant - Oregon

Little Ben - Fools Gold - Virginia

August - Comic Book - Washington

Fidelina - Metal Horse - New Mexico (Santa Fe)

Rocio - Red Pin - Texas

Bertha - Peach - California

Dehaaya - Turquoise Pebbles - New Mexico (Shiprock)


That's about it. If anyone has any questions regarding the game please feel free to ask, as i'm currently playing it and everything is still pretty fresh in my mind  ;)

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