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No Escaping Fate trophy guide

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I’ve just finished my Hearts only playthrough in movie night mode and I can confirm this trophy DOES unlock even if Andrew gets arrested at the end, I did every decision as Hearts obviously, kept everyone alive until the house and chose to condemn Mary at the end, the demons locked in and killed everyone else in the house, and Vince showed up to have Andrew arrested at the end, the only problem with my run was simply ONE decision, at the church you have to leave on good terms with Vince, in order for everyone to die, but when you choose not to fire the gun the only 2 available choices with Vince at the church door were head choices, I was forced to say nothing which resulted in Vince leaving angry, so now I have to replay from the church to have everyone die, but in terms of this particular trophy it can unlock in a hearts playthrough and can unlock with Andrew being arrested, a few points to make though if anyone decides to follow this run, 

I did not interact with the poppet in the museum at all, so anyone suggesting the poppet is a requirement is wrong, I picked up the gun as I was trying to go for everyone dying as well, as grabbing the gun and having Vince leave the church on good terms is the only way to kill Andrew, I also did not interact at all with the knife at the museum, I did most collectibles in a previous run so I forgot to grab it, it had no impact on keeping anyone alive so it’s not needed.

Always choose all decisions that will make people hate each other as much as possible, just be as much of an A hole as you can be, hearts run is good for this, beyond these details there’s some decisions that MUST be made to either keep someone alive until the house or check off the requirements for the trophy itself, I’ve listed them in chapter order, bear in mind that this was done on Movie Night and a heart decisions only run, so some things may alter in different modes or choice runs, for the sake of this guide, I’d run the same as I did to be safe


In The Crossing chapter when you fall off the broken bridge into the pit and see Angela’s demon for the first time, as Andrew you must choose to save John NOT Angela then complete to QTE’s to survive


In the Troubled History chapter, complete the QTE’s when Angela is dragged into the sewer, when you get to the end of this section, you will hear Angela scream and you will be lead to believe she dies, don’t worry this is okay 


In the chapter Surrounded, after leaving the church, stay true to the heart decisions and complete the QTE’s as Daniel and Taylor to escape


In the chapter Low Point, the group will see a silhouette, Andrew will point his gun (if you grabbed it) and you have the option to shoot, do NOT shoot


In the Chapter Reflections, after seeing the fireflies and the flashback that follows, as Daniel choose to follow the SOUNDS, then as Taylor you MUST ask Daniel for help, then complete the QTE’s to survive


In the chapter Ruined, choose the “pull up” option and grab the pole Andrew provides to escape, you should normally tell Andrew you need help when hanging, (if you follow my movie night/hearts run you are forced to say nothing) either way Andrew will fall in with you, complete the QTE’s to survive


In the Chapter Heavy Burden, Angela needs to be selfish outside the ruined house, instead of urging John to run, if I remember correctly on this run you’ll again have to choose to say nothing and you will get the same outcome


In the chapter Full Circle, you must beg Andrew for help to stay with you while John is barricading the door

In the chapter Full Circle, as the conclusion approaches, choose to condemn Mary to hellfire and watch as everyone is butchered, Vince will then show and have Andrew arrested and the trophy will pop, or at least it did for me, as long as all these requirements are met and none of the characters have any of their traits unlocked you should have no problems, hope this helps as I had to use multiple sources for all this information, tried my best to put everything in 1 place, just sucks that the 2 choices with Vince at the church were head only so I had no choice but to say nothing, even though I didn’t fire the gun he was still angry enough to get me arrested at the end, this obviously voids the everyone dying trophy, I had to replay from the church over 1 choice because of the hearts run to do that, but you will get Fate Worse Than Death on this run too.

I also tried to replay the last chapter to have everyone survive by choosing to condemn Carver, but I had the exact same outcome, though I did get Forgiveness for saving Mary, you may have to do an extra half playthrough to get everyone to die over this 1 decision at the church, but at least here you have everything you need to avoid the confusion with this trophy, if your not finding any collectibles you can play from the church to the end very quickly


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