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EA Sports PGA Tour


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EA Sports has announced a new golf game that will likely be in direct competition with PGA 2K series.


While 2K was able to secure an exclusive deal with Tiger Woods, EA was able to bring back The Masters course along with all official major courses. The 2K series does not currently license agreements with golf's major championships. They (EA) have also announced that several tour players will also be coming to the series. It will be interesting to see if any golfers appear in both games or if they generally appear in one or the other. It seems likely that certain players will extend their licenses to EA Sports while others are in the 2K game.


With no exclusive rights deal for either of sports video games' two biggest companies, it'll be interesting to see how the competition shakes out—both from a qualitative perspective and in terms of player/course appearances.


No release date announced yet, but the official site for the game is up here - https://www.ea.com/games/pga-tour


EA has not made a golf game since 2015 (small plug, I made a trophy guide for that game you can see here). What are your initial thoughts on EA coming back into the golf world? 


I haven't seen a thread for this anywhere so apologies if it exists somewhere.

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