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Ambitreacherous Run Advice!

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Ok, so I just completed a run where you don't upgrade anything. So, it's not too terrible, but the third and fourth dungeons can be a pain. I was working through the 3rd dungeon but when every attack deals 1/3rd of your health every time, dying a few times and several spots with 6+ enemies in tight quarters.


Anyway, I got frustrated and looked up some glitch runs and I figured out some pretty cool stuff. In the third dungeon, you can completely skip the boss fight! Once you reach the portal spot in the dungeon (see video for example of this), you can abuse an exploit by pausing in the air and clicking X to view an item. After exiting the menu, you'll be floating in the air. Walk over to the dynamite guys, and smack them once the hole in the ground is open and you'll fall in. Now, once the next screen loads, immediately pause and do the item description again to float. Now just walk into the boss room and then right past him! 



The fourth dungeon unfortunately requires you to actually fight the boss, but you can skip the entire dungeon! Follow the steps in the video, and then prepare for the boss fight. Make sure to have 3 invincibility mixes for her and you won't have too much of a problem. However, if you do die, make sure to quit the game through the dashboard instead of saving and quitting. 


Just a few tips that can make the platinum run easier! 

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