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Unbreakable Bench Glitch

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I'm sure most people who've play this or intend to, are already aware of this glitch.

The dreaded bench in Bricksburg!


In the main starting hub world of Bricksburg, there is someone called the cat lady whom you can do a mini quest for to rescue her 5 cats.

You can't actually complete this quest until you have certain characters, so it's probably best to just finish the main story before doing anything else.

However there is a bench next to the cat lady, that requires you to destroy it in order to gain access to a grapple point. The grapple point can then be used by Batman to get one of the cats down.

This bench can potentially glitch out and become unbreakable however, so you want to get that entire quest done, and get the red brick from it before you leave the area.


I made the unbelievable mistake, of heading through a doorway near the cat lady, that put me into the very starting mission of the game.

You see, the game warns you that there are marks on the floor that let you go back to previous levels, however there are a few that have no such marks on the floor and are simply open doorways. Open doorways in Bricksburg i might add, sometimes take you to the roof of the buildings for more collectables. I assumed that this open doorway was one of those, and went through, only to find out that i had been transported to another area, went back to the bench, to find it was now unbreakable, and had therefore locked me out of the red brick. I then deleted my save and started again.


So yeah.

Finish the game, get all the characters and then get EVERYTHING done in Bricksburg in one fell swoop to ensure your game doesn't glitch  :)


EDIT: So i just finished the game and went to Bricksburg to do the above and the game almost screwed me over again! I backed up my save to a USB right after finishing the main game, and went to Bricksburg after reloading. I went to go get the bench done immediately. So i smashed the bench, and then tried to swap to Batman, and Batman while being controlled by the A.I. was in the middle of walking through the doorway that screwed me over the first time, and teleported me into the starting mission again!  xD

Naturally i have re-downloaded my save off the USB, but i would now urge others to back up their saves before attempting this as well.

Juuuussst in case the game decides to try and pull a fast one like it just did with me  :P 

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