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PS3 Trophies not syncing after PS4 trophies

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Hi, my brother got his PS4 at launch and I played a few games on it on my account and it automatically synced the trophies, however when I went back to my PS3 and completed The Walking Dead's trophy list, I used the "Sync with Server" option, as well as loading my profile in the friends list. The trophies appear on my profile on the friends list and my offline list, I have not checked the online list, but I'd assume they're there if they're on my profile.



My issue now, is that even with syncing from PS3 after touching PS4, and joining the queue to update, my profile doesn't update my PS3 trophies that I've gained since playing PS4.


Has this been a longstanding issue since then? Or is this something no one's experienced before?

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