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Hi, some months ago I finished the normal game and started NG+ without caring about trophies. Now I'd like to get the platinum but since I haven't got 100% during the normal playthrough I'm afraid that NG+ without all upgrades will be way more difficult than it should be. Is there a way to reset NG+ in order to finish 100% the normal game and then start NG+ with everything already collected? Or, if I already have started NG+ and I unlock something during Normal game, does it unlock also in NG+ or the two saves aren't shared?

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I don’t believe there’s any way to reset your NG+ save whatsoever. The only things that’ll sync between saves (Don’t know if it’s just normal > NG+ or NG > normal too) is the Riddler trophies,Riddles, etc and upgrades.


In your save file you can access both the normal save & the NG+. I’d recommend going back to the normal one, getting all upgrades and all riddler trophies and then switching to NG+.


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