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Got punted 300+ Meters!


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I'm playing my way through the campaign for the fourth time (due to three rounds of save file corruption) and something new happened that made me wish I'd been recording it.   Very MINOR spoiler:  In South Pacific Sea mission, after finishing off the helo 'boss' fight and checking on Kovic I followed Irish up the ladder...perhaps too closely...and suddenly I was punted waaaaaay into the air and I ended up in the ocean over 300 meters from the Valkyrie. Tried to swim back to the ship but there was no way in.  Had to reload from checkpoint. A minor annoyance but the thrill of flying nearly made up for it.   I was going to try again after the reload to see if it could be replicated but I ended up not following Irish as closely as I had the first time up the ladder.  I guess Irish has a real thing for person space....and one HELL of a kicking leg.

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I can confirm that this is real, happend to me before damm thing, and considering i read your post before i started playing the game, my imediate reaction was to relase the parachute, (considering ive played online a few times) and remembered i dont have a parachute lol.


Thank got it continued from before i got up the ladder, didnt fancy doing all that part of the mission again haha

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