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Missing a Golden Laurel Fix


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I went through the whole game collected all the golden laurels and found myself missing 1 from Greece, i then followed the video guide through all 18 again, and still i was 1 short! 


I then presumed it was glitched, which i was kinda pissed about, but then, i went to Rome, Just after the 1st mob of romans, u jump up the ramp and go left where the spinning wheel thing is, and the prize giving tubes, which i had already collected 1 of the Rome Laurels from, i spun it once and it gave me another TROPHY POPPED!. Hope this helps, and it seems it doesn't matter which Stage your missing a  laurel as this gives you an extra 1 which counts towards the total :)

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I'm missing 1 in Greece as well been through it 3 times with 2 different guides, still have some more to collect in other levels but I hope this will work. Will update if it worked for me as well.


Edit: I confirm, the very same situation all levels completed with all trials and collectables only Greece was 17/18 went to Rome gave it a spin and got the Laurel I already had and the trophy with it.

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