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Potential "The Everyman" Glitch


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So earlier today I was getting through the 5 co-op challenges (2 Survival, 3 Overwatch according to the guide) with a friend, planning to do the remaining 2 solo challenges later for the trophy, but it actually popped after the second Overwatch challenge (at 4/7 completed total). My friend didn't experience this when he platinumed the game earlier in the year, so it's not a consistent glitch and I don't know exactly what caused it to pop early, but that saved about 2-3 hours of playing down the road, which is super helpful. If you want to try to replicate it yourself, my precise order of challenges played was:


-Hellfire Survival

-Beachhead Survival

-Tiger Hunt

-Radio Silence

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This also just happened to me. Except in my case, I already did the 2 solo survivals. After doing the 2 coop survivals and the first 2 overwatch missions, the trophy popped. 

So for anyone going for this trophy, leave the solo survival for last and hopefully you’ll save yourself about 3 hours for this trophy. 

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