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Buggy for others?


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Ok first up, just wanted to ask if anyone else is having issues, as my game crashes alot.

Been playing Hero mode alot to do quests, and find that around wave 60 the game crashes with the error code CE-34878-0.

A work around I found that is that if you go to menu and 'go back to menu' there is a continue button which will put you back in the game, doing this I got to wave 115 on hero.

I was able to get all Elements to level 3 this way, but the trophy did not pop. I have also managed to build every tower at all levels too, but again no trophy poped.


I have seen that others have manged to complete the 'Healing Water' and 'And it made boom' quests. For me, no puddles appeared for the healing water, and I must have blown up 20 gas bubbles for the boom quest but it never completed. And 3 other quests have just to appear for me, dont like that its RNG for the quests.



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