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Looking for co-op partner who can invite to master difficulty


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Exactly as the title says. I have all the trophies but the beat 1 master lvl. I've soloed all veteran levels but the final one and have been stuck for awhile on it. If anyone can invite me and we can co-op the 1st level on master I'd be very grateful >:) Would love to get my platinum today

Just to verify I havn't unlocked master yet because of that last vet lvl :P

Nevermind I beat the final lvl on vet so can do it myself :P. Will help others with Master if there in the same situation as me though if ya post here :P

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I couldn't handle the last level on Experienced difficulty. :( I beat it finally.


Now I need help on beating the game on Veteran difficulty.


EDIT: Now I've learned that you unlock Master difficulty from beating the Arcade mode in Veteran difficulty SOLO ONLY. Oh well...  -_- I may as well skip the platinum because I'm just not good enough in this game... But then again, it's possible to earn the platinum without being any good in soloing Experienced difficulty...

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