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Kickstarter: Lobodestroyo - 3D Action Platformer, with PS4 stretch goal


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A retro action adventure game inspired by N64-era collect-a-thon platformers. Channeling the spirit of Rareware's late 90's titles.


Lobo is an action platformer with an emphasis on item collection and exploration. Taking on the role of Mutt, a naive and unlikely hero, players will run, flip, and dropkick across 9 unique, interconnected worlds.

Inspired by the boss battles of MegaMan players take on a league of sinister villains in a themed game world. By defeating and unmasking each of these villanos, Mutt gains new abilities and powers. Doing his best impression of Metroid’s Samus Aran, Mutt uses these newfound abilities to retread through previously explored territory to unlock new areas and secrets. All worlds are found and unlocked from the game’s overworld which holds it’s own challenges and secrets for players to discover a la Banjo-Kazooie.

Players will meet a colorful cast of oddball characters, (some friend, most foe) and enjoy offbeat humor through their gaming experience. Vibrant visuals, diverse worlds and more collectables than an episode of Hoarders; Lobodestroyo is the game for those of us who never really grew out the Nintendo 64 glory days!





Back it before next week! I would love to see this game on the Vita but it doesn't seem like they're doing one. If it does get funded and it sells well, there's a possible chance it'll come to PS4 in the distant future.





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