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What Do We Say To the God of Death? Trophy


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Hi everyone, 


I've been enjoying the game for nearly 20 hours now but I still don't own this trophy. I can use one bandage then I'm out of bandage. I don't see how I can get other bandages... I may be dumb but I'm stuck with this trophy for the moment. Any advice? Thanks

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You can get more bandages from the refill stations you get arrows/bolts from that are dotted around the map. Most are stationary but some maps (Dark Forest) have refill stations that move (wagons in the convoy). The footmen class also has the ability to give you bandages but its a more limited supply. 


I recommend in general whenever you get wounded, back out of the fight, bandage up and then restock from a nearby refill station, and should get the trophy in no time.

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On 30/09/2021 at 4:30 AM, xLetsP1ayGod said:

This trophy is definitely glitched, I healed myself as the footman 4 times in one life and didnt get the trophy

I don't think it is. It *has* to be done like Cpt-Redding said, with the refill boxes, infantry bandages & banners don't count.

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