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F.I.S.T. (September 7th, 2021)

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I think this was shown at the initial PS5 showcase, wasn't it? I'm sure I've seen it before. 

It looks great. I really love these side scroller melee games, especially when they aren't 8-bit, haha. The combos look fun to pull off, too.

I quickly checked via the PS App to see what the price is and, no surprise, the price isn't listed. I'm expecting about $30 though, which I won't pay. Not because the game doesn't look good or worth that money, just because there are SO MANY sales that it's dumb to buy full price. Sorry ?


Edit: It is $30, with a paltry 10% plus discount for preordering. I'm certain the sale I get it in will save me more than three dollars : /

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