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Great game, no missable trophies


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Really enjoying this game on my PS Vita lately. ? The trophy list is not stressful, it's turn based, and a nice puzzler.


Graphics look really crisp on the PS Vita screen, and sound effects are quite tranquil.


Can play with either touch screen or analog controls.


Very peaceful game and makes ya think ? Would recommend for Vita, and one of those trophy lists that doesn't have missables! ?‍♂️ Can go back to any level to replay it. ?

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It was good for the most part. Some later puzzles were really complex. I wish there wasn’t a trophy that required you to solve ALL puzzles perfectly. Honestly I would have enjoyed the game more if it would let me solve them at my own pace, no matter how many steps I needed. Instead I was forced to look up the perfect solution in a guide in many cases.

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