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Tips for 100% completion

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Now, just to clarify, the cheats for this game work, but disable the majority of trophies, namely the ones where you have to collect things. So, here is a few tips to get 100% completion more naturally.

1) Get the right Rangs
Decisions, decisions, decisions. There are alot of Rangs for you to buy at the shop in the main town, and later from your brother Sly, but you only really need a few. As soon as you can, buy from the town shop: the smasharang, the infarang,the lasharang and the frostyrang. Then, asap, upgrade them with Slys shop to the Kaboomarang, X-rang and the warperang. Now no collectible or baddie can get in your way.

2) See Opals? Get them!
Doing the cheat to give you 100,000 opals disables the trophy for collecting 200,000 of them. It sounds like a big number, but if you play the game naturally, you should just reach under the target by the end, or over it. Note: You just need to get 200,000 across the game. Buying stuff doesnt remove from your overall count. Also, every Cog, Kromium Orb, Steve encounter and Bilbie adds to your opal count. 

3) Before you cheat, get every Cog, Spy, Bilbie, Frame and Orb
This is more for the endgame, so keep that in mind. Once you beat the game, collect 200,000 opals, all the cogs, bilbies, frames, kromiumorbs and talks with steve, you will still be short on opals to buy the remaining rangs for 100% completion. If you have absolutely everything else, you can put in the money cheat to buy everything. As far as i know, cheats only affect collectible trophies, but the ones for buying rangs still work. The cheat is: Left, Right, Triangle, Left, Right, Triangle, Circle, Cross, Circle, Cross. This will give you 100,000 opals. More than enough to buy what you need. 

4) Need a helping hand?
Should you get stuck, or need a hand finding collectibles, here is a handy little guide for you to follow. 

Well, that's my best advice. I just got the platinum for this game. Question time! Do you think they will release Ty 3? Were you aware there was a Ty 3? Let me know what you think. TTFN


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Thanks for the tips! As for Ty 3, I hope they do end up porting it over too (I don’t see why they wouldn’t now after doing the first two). It’s the one I never had as it wasn’t released on PS2 outside of Australia and NA. I remember coming close a few times to importing an Australian copy, but damn where they were expensive! 

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