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Potential Missable Trophies

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I am not 100% sure, but i believe there are are only two potential missable trophies in this game.

-Memories Of Future Past

-PersonaL Connections


Both relate to the in between dungeons/town section. You have a list of activities in the town that will earn you an item for completing. You can choose only FOUR between dungeons. And after one is chosen, it usually pops up again for another reward. Furthering its individual story. You'll know what I mean. 

Well For the "Memories of Future Past" trophy, im not sure if you will get this regardless of choice. But i got it by choosing the "beach" every time it showed. Then after the third of fourth time, this NPC named "Umi" appeared and the trophy popped.

For "PersonaL Connections", If a party members name was listed as an activity, I always chose it. After the Fourth (i think) Belsnickle one, the trophy popped. the end dialogue says something like "you've formed a R'lyehtionship with such and such". i saw the same text for Crystal and Baba. So you can focus only on one of them if you want, cause Belsnickle was the first for me and the trophy popped. 


Maybe itll be obvious to everyone when you play, or maybe they arent missable at all, but I dunno, I always like a heads up before playing an rpg type game. My playtime to platinum was just about 9 hours also. 


either way, it was a quick and fun game. 

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