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Yuri’s third poem not unlocking HELP!

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Hi there, so I am having issues unlocking Yuri’s third poem. I’ve looked at multiple guides for this game. I am only missing the 100% trophy. I have all collectibles in the game including all secret poems and the ghost image. Settings shows 98% progress. Only thing missing is Yuri’s third poem and the image you get for receiving all of Yuri’s poems.


How am I missing this? I’ve run through the game doing every ending and every possible outcome with each girl. Writing perfect poems each time. One run just Sayori, one run just Natsuki and one run just Yuri. And one run with a poem for each girl. The poem I’m missing is called “Beach” and the wiki says something about it will show up on day 4 if the player DIDN’T write 3 poems that appeal to Yuri. But I always end up getting the ghost under light pt 2 poem that supposedly shows if you make 3 poems that appeal to yuri. Either that one or the wheel poem. If I write poems to the other girls, doesn’t that count as not appealing to Yuri? I really don’t know what to do for this as I search internet and can’t find any other help and have used 4 different guides. Everything else unlocked no problem and no problem with other girls poem unlocks. I’m playing on PS5 with current patch if that’s any help. 

Edit: I got the poem finally thanks to Mrmet2087 on Reddit. The solution that worked for me was first 2 poems I answered 11 choices for Natsuki and 9 for Yuri. Sided with Yuri during argument. Then on third poem I chose 11 for Yuri and 9 for Natsuki. Got beach poem right before end of act 1. I guess it wasn’t working for me before cause I was only writing perfect poems for each girl. 

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Got the solution and trophy
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