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[Video] AC Valhalla Siege of Paris DLC Guide

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Siege of Paris DLC

The Siege of Paris DLC adds a new area (Francia) and a new story quest, mysteries, treasures, and artifacts to complete/collect. It plays very similarly to the main game; however, with the added addition of black box quests. These play similarly to Unity's system, where you have multiple options to eliminate targets and truly feel like an assassin again!


Do What Is Right
Complete the Siege of Paris campaign (The Siege of Paris).


Story-related; unlocked for completing the final main quest, "Victory"


Know What Is Right
Complete all territories of Francia (The Siege of Paris).


Similar to "Completionist All the Way!" from the main game and "Irish Legend" from the Wrath of the Druids DLC, this requires you to complete every item on the Francia map. This requires collecting all wealth, completing all mysteries, and collecting/completing all artifacts on the DLC map. If you synchronize all viewpoints in the game, this will reveal all wealth and mysteries on the map.

We Nobles Three
Defeat all three Frankish Nobles (The Siege of Paris).


The Frankish Nobles are similar to the Lost drengir found throughout the base game. There are three of them spread across Francia in Melunois (The Hunter), Amienois (Herbert Du Lilibonne), and Evresin (Gerswinda). The first two are straight forward, but Gerswinda is one of the new Cavalry type enemies and is accompanied by two more cavalrymen. The cavalry enemy type will stay on their horses and circle you before charging. You can remain patient, shooting arrows at them as they circle, trying to stun and then dodging their charges. Or you can be aggressive and chase them down, though there is a bigger risk related to this tactic as they can strike fast and hurt hard.

See the video below for more information.



0:00 - The Hunter (Melunois)
1:32 - Herbert Du Lilibonne (Amienois)
3:31 - Gerswinda (Evresin)


Vive la Résistance
Reach maximum Infamy in the Rebel Missions (The Siege of Paris).


The Rebel Missions are a new type of side quest added in this DLC. You will complete them either Solo or with a group of NPC allies. Each Rebel Mission that is completed successfully will earn you Rebel currency used in the Rebel Shop and Infamy to level up. Max Infamy requires unlocking level 4 Infamy, which will take completing ~30 Rebel Missions.


Along the way of unlocking this, you should unlock "Lèse-majesté" for completing 10 Rebel Missions. You will also unlock enough Rebel currency to purchase the Reaper Armor set for "Vendange".

Bad Bull
Defeat the Ghost Auroch Boss (The Siege of Paris).


The Ghost Auroch is the legendary animal in Francia. It is found in Amienois. This works like any other fight with a large animal; however, half way through the fight the bull will run away from you and you will need to chase it down. In the next area it will regain health until you attack it. If it regains enough health and you don't kill it quick enough it will run to another area to heal again. Once defeated, you will earn your trophy.

See the video below for more information.




Kill an enemy with a scythe while wearing the full Reaper armor set (The Siege of Paris).


The Reaper Armor set is unlocked by completing Rebel Missions to gain Rebel currency and increase your Infamy. The Armor pieces are unlocked as follows:

Reaper's Pants is available to purchase for 400 currency at Infamy level 2

Reaper's Helm is available to purchase for 450 currency at Infamy level 3

Reaper's Cloak is available to purchase for 450 currency at Infamy level 3

Reaper's Bracers automatically unlock upon unlocking Infamy level 3 and starting your next Rebel Mission

Reaper's Torso is available to purchase for 750 currency at Infamy Level 4 (Max Infamy)


There are two Sycthe's you can obtain in this DLC:

Scythe of Revolt is unlocked as part of the "Majesty in the Dark" main quest.

The Bloodied Scythe can be found in a wealth chest in Amienois.


Now, equip all of your Reaper Armor pieces and one of your Scythes. You can keep your bow equipped, but should remove any second hand weapon to avoid any issues. Then just kill any enemy with the Scythe and all the armor pieces equipped.


See the video below for more information.




0:00 - Full Reaper Armor Set

1:17 - Scythe of Revolt

1:46 - Bloodied Scythe

Pat the Cats
Pat all the cats in Evreux (The Siege of Paris).


There are four cats that roam the streets of Evreux. The cats are black, gray & white, orange, and white with spots. You should find the gray & white and orange cat hanging out in the market near the vantage point in Evreux. The black cat is usually found around the well near the market. The white cat with spots is often stuck in a house on the edge of Evreux with stained glass all around it. You should be able to interact with each cat and pat them; however, if they are curled up and sleeping you will need to wake them up by shooting an arrow near them.




Complete 10 Rebel Missions (The Siege of Paris).


See "Vive la Résistance".


Future Past
Enter the Assassin Bureau in Francia (The Siege of Paris).


The Assassin bureau in Francia is located in Paris, but you need to find three keys to enter it. Finding the first key will unlock the side quest "Hidden" and mark the other key locations on your map. After entering the Bureau and earning your trophy, work your way through the Bureau to find a mythical sword, Joyeuse, and complete the side quest.


See the video below for more information.



0:00 - Key #1
2:10 - Key #2
3:45 - Key #3
5:41 - Assassin's Bureau (Collect Mythical Sword Joyeuse)

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