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bugs (potential spoiler)


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Hey guys,


anyone of you encountering this really annoying bug as I am.

Which I have encountered several times in different ways.

It always happens during the final fight.


- after defeating one of the dark shells, the upcoming dark shell won't come out of its petrified state. It just stays how it is and the fight doesn't continue, which is super annoying because I have to restart the fight...

- this usually happens 5 to 6 times in each cycle (yes, I have to beat the three previous ones to literally see how the 4th one won't spawn.... over and over

- sometimes it also happens after the first one, but selden

- I am playing the ps4 version on the ps5

- I am not lying when I say that this bug has occured probably 20 times already

- I am also not verys supersticious but a have already tried restarting the ps5 several times, reinstalled the game and and and....

I still have one run to go (the obsidian one) and I honestly don't want to play the final fight another 10 times for that single run.

Does anybody have a solution for this? Maybe press some kind of funny/weird button combination or something to let the fight continue?


I'd be super happy for an idea of yours!



It always seems to occur after I used the Axatana-"Axe" special ability.


Edit again:

nvm, meanwhile I beat the boss. The bug still existed though.



Just do not use your Axes special ability (L2 + R2), then the fight won't bug.

Hope it helps those who have the same issue.


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