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HR Trophies not unlocking


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I have the game both on PS5 and PS4, and I have personally played since launch on PS5 only. I got the platinum on PS5. I recently begun playing the PS4 version to get the platinum trophy, but i noticed the HR related trophies are not unlocking. I have played plenty of RTS and my player has 27 HRs in the season, but I have also played DD and got plenty of HRs there aswell. Has anyone else run into a similar issue with these trophies not unlocking? I will try playing on HR Derby to see if it help. Thank you in advance.

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19 minutes ago, SoldierOfJesus20 said:

I haven’t had an issue with the home runs for PS4 version 

I ended up finding a thread on the PS5 forum for the game. Other people had the same issue after getting the trophies on PS5 and going for the platinum on PS4 after. 


In case anyone runs into this thread later, the solution has been reported to be uninstalling the game and resintalling it, but booting it off while offline. You'll either get the trophies to auto pop, or hit one HR and get them. 


The other thread made mention of people getting the trophy for 100 HRs but not the 25 or 50.

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