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Spider Man


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 I was wondering what’s everyone opinion on the Spider-Man games on PS4 and PS5? as i have never played any of them and only have watched the movies. 

I am new to gaming and only just started not long ago so if you also have any suggestions on what games I can do that aren’t as too hard that would be great. ? As I’ve only got 8 plats so far which isn’t as bad but would be great to have more?

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It is a remarkable starting point, to be honest. I basically purchased my PS4 for this title alone. After that, I followed other titles that seemed interesting and that I wanted to try long ago, and finally being able to finish them. :P 


The mechanics of the game are pretty straightforward. The learning cure for the controls is smooth, despite if you really want the 100% or the Platinum you'll need to pull off a little bit and try to master the combat system. Not so tough in any way, but once you feel comfortable with your abilities, you can make your adventure like a breeze. Really recommend it. Miles Morales is a short game compared with the OG one, but as the announcement for the sequel was released, the hype is now on the ceiling, and you honestly wouldn't like to miss the adventures of our (your adventure in fact) friendly neighbor Spider-Man! 

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For me it was quite different I had a PS4 a while back but got rid of it as I barely went on it so what use would it have been if it was just sat there so I decided to rid of it.? A few months after I really wanted a PS4 again as I missed gaming so much so I finally decided to get one again and this time I’m definitely not getting rid of it.  I started a few games already as I have a huge backlog which is really embarrassing for me as it is so I have to get back to them! but what I really wanted to try out was the spider man games as I’ve heard some good stuff about them . So your feedback has helped a lot I’m not really the type to always plat games as at first I only played games for the fun of it but ever since I started finishing some games I really wanted to start trophy hunting more and continue that path . I feel like once you’ve completed  a game it’s a like a huge accomplishment because after spending hours and days on a certain game you’ve finally been able to do it so it would mean a lot to me whenever I finished a game. 

Ever since watching the showcase yesterday I’m definitely excited for the new Spider-Man/venom game as Spider-Man was basically my childhood and I loved every part of the movies so being able to now play the game versions i can just tell that its going to be great. 





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