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Getting 100% completion


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I've been going through the series getting 100% of everything I can (beyond trophy requirements) but with 4 I've finally hit a wall. I enjoyed most of the mini-games and completed the karaoke without too much bother which I struggled with once or twice before, but several defeated me in the end:


- The batting. For some reason it seems ridiculously over-sensitive in this version and I couldn't reliably get multipliers needed for the top scores.

- Pachinko. Getting the trophy was a joke, but getting 5000 for completion defeated me. I guess you could just use a turbo controller, leave it on for a few hours and hope. But the best I managed without one was two jackpots in a couple of hours and that only got me to about 2500.

- Pool. Seems to be even worse than on 3. Even the most delicate shots can miss completely, whilst the AI is often faultless. Even the beginner opposition managed five pots in a row ffs.

- Massage. First two aren't too bad. The third one is pretty tricky but the last one is ridiculous. Although it is hilarious and worth watching if you haven't seen it.


So anybody else manage to get there and if so which were the parts you struggled with? Or even better, any tips in case I decide to try again. ?

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Hi,i got it and i wil share my experience with you.

For pool you need to avoid frustation and be lucky.After a certain amount of lost game the % of Ai will drop.You need to make your best game coincide with yhe AI worst.It's a lot frustating but if you overcome the frustation you can do it.It will requires luck and a lot of hours.

For batting the trick is hit multiple targets.It requires prractice and a bit of skill.It's doable.If you go also for Haruka request it will be a lot harder because the require amounts of points it's insane.

For pachinko cheat item it's the only way.After you hit jackpot continue until you get another one.I do it this way.It requires between 1 or 2 hours.

I don't remember massage but from my experience stay a little under the best score can help.You need to be fast to go up or down and push quickly commands in order to do it.

Hope it helps.

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I think that’s what put me off about the pool, it’s just pure luck. It was broken in Yakuza 3 but this seems even worse. I might hack away at it casually for a while without worrying about the result because I do at least like playing pool!


Many thanks for the other tips. Did you just need the two jackpots for pachinko? From the results I was getting it seemed like maybe 4 were needed.


Update: finished pool finally. It was pure luck and perseverance waiting for them to mess up. Batting I’ve done all except the normal course. Pachinko it took me six jackpots and about an hour, not sure why I was luckier this time. Massage I still can’t beat yet, even with a score of almost 35000!


Update 2: Made it! One thing to share since I can’t find it anywhere on the net...


Score thresholds for the massage minigame I’m pretty sure are:


Standard 25,000

Deluxe 30,000

VIP 35,000

Super VIP 30,000


I must have played these over 50 times as I really struggled to get to grips with how the controls work and reacting fast enough with a wild swing in direction. With all of them it seems if you can keep it in the middle for the first about 20 seconds, it calms down and you can then hover near the top to get the big scores. 

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