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Careful how the game closes out

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It took me until after completing the game to figure out this bug: be careful how you quit/close out of the game, because you might lose a lot of money if you made any recent purchases and didn't "Save & Quit" afterwards.


I had 1,500 Gold and went to Big Town. Spent 500 of it on Potions, then accidentally bought something I did *NOT* want to waste money on. I quickly turned the game off thinking that the recent purchase would not save.


Turns out the gave DID save, but, like, partially. Gold was deducted but the items were not there -- even the Potions disappeared! I was shocked by this so I tried it again. Bought like 500 Gold in items, turned the game off, turned it back on -- Gold was gone and so were the items. So it deducts the Gold and doesn't even save the item!


Makes me wonder how often money was being deducted... Just keep an eye out on your Gold numbers...

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